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Blocco chiamate
Deviazione di chiamata
Chiamata in attesa
Identificazione della linea chiamante.
Gruppi chiusi di Utenti
Chiamata in conferenza
CSD, Circuit Switched Data (a.k.a GSM Data)
EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service)
Numeri di chiamata fissi
Scambio suoneria
Kit utensili per applicazione SIM
Info Cella
Messaggi SMS lungi (SMS concatenati)
WAP 1.2.1
EFR (Enhanced Full Rate Voice Coding)
FR (Full Rate Voice Coding)
It looks success, it feels refined and it performs. At work or at play, the Sony Ericsson T100 is your statement in style. You can have fun adding pictures to your text messages and phone book contacts. Choose and change the look of your display as often as you want. On the move, access the Web to pick the picture or ring signal of your choice for your T100. And change it again when you want. When evening comes and the lights are low, your T100 display gives off a cool blue shimmer and the keys light up and impress.
A GSM 850/1900 version of the T100 targeting Latin America will be available in the beginning of 2003.
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