Esercizi Business English


Interviewer: – Human Resources Assistant


Q: Good Morning Mr xyz.

A: Good Morning!


Q: nice to  meet you . . . Sit down please.

A: Nice to meet you.

(reading the resume….)

Q: I see you’re looking for a job as a Junior Marketing Manager.. in your opinion, what are the attributes of a good manager?

A:  To be a good manager means to be responsible and  problem-solver oriented like am I.. also be able to manage the team, time and costs, and that’s exactly what I like to do. Have a good capability  in leadership it’s another important quality, obviously just with a good knowledge about marketing instruments.

Q: What  do you know about our company? And why did you choose us?

A: Of course, your company is famous worldwide!.. your products are present in the  major part of the American families and abroad, so when I saw that you where looking for a J.MKTG Manager,  I thought it could be a good opportunity for my career. – I know that you have branches everywhere and as I’m open-minded and ready to travel, I decided to answer at your notice.

Q:…and in what way do you think you can contribute to our company?

A: Well, I can give you my know-how about I.C.T. and experience that I’ve maturated in my past jobs, and finally show what I’ve study for!

Q: What’s your biggest weakness?

A: My past supervisors would said I’m  mess… Paper on the desktop, stuff like that, But I always complete everything punctual.

Q: and what’s your strength?

A: I work well  under pressure, I’ve never been  stressed or anxious,  especially in crisis moments.

Q: How do you handle conflict?

A: Planning everything before, also involving all team members to solve  problems step-by-step.

Q: Now, Do you have any questions?

A: Regard to my resume, and the job, what are the three top priorities you would first like to see accomplished?

Q: It will be an Internship position, as a Junior Marketing Manager, so you’ll be mentored  by Mr Robinson, one of our Senior Marketing Manager, so you’ll help him  with his Marketing Database; then you’ll see how we build a brand Image, but mostly you’ll see how our teams are organized and how they work.

Q: So, thank you for coming, we will contact you as soon as possible…



A: thank you, good bye!

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